6 Things I Want To Help My Audience

Hi there! I like to be a stay at home mom but I need money I need to work. I am frustrated with the corporate life and I wish I can be stay at home mom. My daughters need my attention, with the frustration and stress from the work, I am learning to earn cash from the online world and I would like to share the knowledge with you.

I. I want to help you to create digital products to sell online using the free and affordable tools.

Digital products are great as it is a create once and sell many business model. You do not need to be expert in graphic designs as there are many types of digital products that you can sell online. For examples, ebooks or digital planners, printables (gift tags, cards, wall art, infographics, planners, journals, workbooks, worksheets, coloring pages etc.), graphics (icons, svg, graphic designs), templates (open files for edit in different softwares like canva, powerpoint, adobe, affinity, etc), ecourses, subscription aka membership and ecoaching. Some may need more in depth designing skills and some may not.

2. I want to help you to start an online business with the digital products that you created.

After the digital product creation, we need a platform to sell our products or share your creation to the world. There are many platforms out there and I will share with you the platform I use and show you on how to use the platforms. We have to use the simplest platform to start and tweak later to get funds in. I also want you to start even you have no digital products created yet, you can find commercial right products here to put your own brand and sell.

3. I want to help you by recommending you the resources and tools that I use in my business that I love and can save time in the creation, writing, selling and marketing your products and services.

Marketing is an art. There are algorithm and audiences that we need to learn. After we put our products on the platform, we need to market it so it reaches to more audiences who would love and purchases our creations.

4. I want to help you increase your productivity in your digital product creation process.

Getting started in the online entrepreneurship is not easy, we have to wear multiple hats and strong mindset to keep going on our projects. With streamline in the digital product creation process, we overcome the overwhelming world and focus on our goals to achieve more. Productivity is so important in our creation so that we can have space for our creativity flowing.

5. I would like my community to have a place to learn to create and sell with confidence. I would be happy that my community could spread the love and help more moms to make money from home.

Online business entrepreneur is lonely. I hope to share my mompreneurship here to provide inspiration and support for my community so that we can continue on our projects and share our brilliance to the world.

6. I wish to create a membership programme where my subscribers can have a easy and fast resources to have consistent products to sell online.

We may not have enough time to create so many products online to sell. This membership would help to solve this as I wish to provide templates for your in timely basis so that you can grab, modify a little bit and post in your shop consistently.

The ultimate goals is to create cash online which we target for is work once and sells many. I wish to guide beginner to create digital products to sell online on the blueprint and roadmap on the journey to monetization and earning 6 figure journey. Let’s reach there together and enjoy our journey towards there!

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