The Top 10 Books for My Two Toddlers

Reading is the most fundamental skill that we should train our kids to learn and make it become their habit. Reading can help them to learn when they go to school and benefit in their lifelong learning.

It is important to cultivate and encourage reading habits in kids from a young age. We shall spend time reading together with them as they will find joy in reading and be motivated to read. I bought a lot of books for my two kids to read, now sometimes they will take from the bookshelf to read but mostly they still need some reminders.

Below are the top 10 books that my toddlers like as the stories are so interesting and colourful are attracts their attention.

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8 Little Planets

An Amazon Best Book of 2018! A cute planets book illustrated to explain the solar system and planets in a cute and interesting way.


Little White Fish

A playful book about sea animals and colours. For toddlers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child’s language development. The story is about the Little White Fish looking for his mom.



Busy Zoo

This interactive board book has spinners to turn and tabs to slide, colourful illustrations filled with things to spot, and lots of new vocabulary to learn. It is eyes catching as toddlers are so busy with the activity on the book!



Patterns In The Sky

I love science and this book helps kids understand the sun moves across the sky and it is light and Every night the moon moves across the sky and it becomes dark.



Elmer’s Weather

Every child’s favorite patchwork elephant. Whatever the weather, come rain or shine, Elmer still finds a way to have fun.



Under The Sea

A lively introduction to all types of sea creatures, where children can lift the flaps to learn about all types of amazing animals and the environment they live in.



Where’s Mr Unicorn?

My kids love Unicorn, my kids love this book as they are so easy to read and fund and I love this book because they are stylish, charming and robust.



Lift and Look Bugs

Packed full of large cut-out flaps, specially designed for little hands. They also feature bright and beautiful illustrations and fun, engaging text, which children will adore.


The New LiBEARian

My kids love to go the library. This is a fun book that twist at the end rounds out this magic-infused tale about a universal childhood experience – story time at the library.



There’s a Dragon in Your Book

Kids love magic, encouraging them to read with books that are full of imagination make them love to read. There is other books in the same series:

• There’s a Monster In Your Book
• There’s a Witch In Your Book
• There’s an Elf In Your Book
• There’s an Alien in Your Book • There’s a Unicorn in Your Book

Reading Should Be Fun and Not Frustrating

Encouragement, motivation and making it fun during reading time can help to build interest and focus on the reading in your kids. Parents problem often is too busy to spend time reading together with kids. With the help of the parent, and the reading together time can help build rapport and enhance the relationship. The kids will also learn better when parents read together with them. My kids are especially happy when the time I make some exaggerated emotion or facial expression when reading together with them.

Bringing your kids to the library can encourage them to read as well. Creating a book journal with rewards also can help to boost their interest in reading too! Do you know that you can use the Libby App to access Free library books to read on your phone! Saves me so much money! You will need to sign up for an ecard at your local library.

Enjoy reading with your kids!

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