Hi there! Welcome to my website. Nice to e-meet you here. My name is Vivian, I’m the owner of this website and the designer behind the website and products. I created this website as a learning output for myself in my journey to create cash online. I have learnt a lot from the online world and I wish to input some notes here which may be useful for you in your journey to create cash online too.

A little bit about myself… I’m a wife, a mother of two, and a stationery addict. I love planners, journals, beautiful papers, cards, pens, markers, gift tags, bookmarks, colouring pages, paper crafts, stickers, worksheets and many more. I love shopping in the stationery, health supplements shops, and grocery shops and I love spending my time with my two little kids and appreciate every moment together with them.

Enjoy Motherhood

My children have taught me so much about love and sacrifice. Their innocence, honesty, and sweetness have highlighted the warmth and beauty of this world. Being a working woman for about 10 years, I always aim to have a work-life balance, I proposed to have scheduled weekends off for my boss in my past shift job. I always seeking ways to balance work and life. After being a mom, especially when my no.2 come along, it is more challenging to be balanced work and life. I decided to become a stay at home mom with my little savings and learn to create cash online (I am really thankful for my husband for his support). I wish all moms could make money from home as we all do not want to miss a precious growing moment for our kids. I sincerely hope that you would find some encouragement, joy, and inspiration from my blog.

Clear Crystalo

After being a mom, I found it is so hard to focus and my flourish of ideas turn very messy and I feel unorganized, sometimes frustrated and self-worthiness doubt. Do you have the same feeling? I named my website Clear Crystalo because I wish I could crystalize my thinking and develop a supreme determination towards my goals. I would like to help you too to make your motherhood blossom. Let us create passive income online.

I start my entrepreneur journey when I discovered printables and digital planners. I follow some videos on youtube and I created my first digital planner to sell on Etsy and got my first sale. It is so lovely that when someone purchased your design works and my printables helped someone somewhere in the world! I wish I had discovered this world earlier!

Now, I’m obsessed to create digital stationeries that can help moms get more organized and productive and also printables for kiddos to learn and play; and I also helped online mompreneurs (like you) to save time by providing ready to use digital products with commercial rights.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Clear Crystalo is the place to go for all your digital stationeries and printables needs for personal and commercial use. I’m going to cover a wide range of topics such as mindsets, health, productivity, financial, habit, scrapbooking and kids learning. I also plan to offer products that suit different age groups from kids, teenagers to young adults, new moms and the elderly.

While keeping the price low, every piece of product is made from heart and soul. I don’t sacrifice quality for every piece of work we put out here. You won’t have to break your bank to choose printables that can make your life easier from our product series here.

Come Join Me

My ultimate goal is able to generate multiple income streams so that we do not rely on to trade time for money. I wish to help women entrepreneurs to achieve success and build a profitable online business by selling digital products.

If you are on the same boat, welcome to join my journey where I wish you could find motivation, inspiration and guides for creating and selling digital products. I wish to help aspiring women entrepreneurs build a profitable online business by creating and selling digital products and generating multiple income streams online.